Branding & Strategy

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The reason we need a brand is so we can effectively broadcast our promise to the world. When you have a well-designed and activated identity or logo, you have a striking and honest visual representation of your mission. I have years of experience in developing brand identities that align with your vision and resonate with your stakeholders and markets.

I help you take your brand and develop the ways in which you push it out into the world, developing a sustainable and deliberate strategy to meet your needs.



I led the Studio School of the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey and found my task was clear: increase our standing and engagement in the region by redefining the organization.

I rebranded the entire center, developed a new catalog, and created video and media assets to promote programming. This enabled the team to articulate the mission in all new ways.

As a result, I was able to develop new departments, hire new teachers, and find students who had never heard of us before.

VACNJ Rebranding

VACNJ Video Promotions

VACNJ Catalog Redesign




In order to create your brand positioning, I develop the assets required: logos, stationary, social media graphics, and templates for your team. I am also available to train your team to maintain the brand across channels.


I develop a roadmap for your team–using your mission as my guide–that will get you where you need to go. We can develop a plan together for your team. I can also perform regular tasks over a set period of time.