Instructional Design

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Learning is as much about knowing how we learn as it is the content we want to learn. I work with you to mesh your objectives to research-based methods for your particular learning environment. I develop interfaces, print pieces, and video content to aid you in your instruction.

I help you to guide learning and performance and to hone in the needs of your students. I can also develop your class for online or in-person delivery.


Case Study: Introduction to Web Design Curriculum

I developed a method to teach design students how to meaningfully develop interaction designs. I use this curriculum to teach first and second year design students at schools such as Parsons, CUNY, Union County College, and NYU.

In essence, I encourage students to pursue projects based on their own ethical drives and then push them to research passionately. I can guide students who have never used design tools to find their way with joy.



Case Study: Leading the COMD 1167 Instructors

While an Assistant Professor in the Communication Design Department at City Tech, I re-wrote the class Type & Media (COMD 1167), a class all students in the depart were required to take. I reworked all major lessons to help all students pick up the fundamental skills needed. I led the other instructor as they rolled this new class out. I created lesson packets, tool kits, and shared materials in order to facilitate this roll out.



Teaching Tools

Since my days working at Scholastic, I have had a keen interest in developing teaching tools that aid instruction, assessment, and learning. I combine my love of art and design education with my design skills to present the most refined tools possible.

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Curriculum & CLass Development

I develop classes and curricula to fit the needs of colleges and independent schools. I develop programming that meets accreditation requirements, brand promises, and student needs. I am able to consult with teachers on an individual basis as well on specific stations, projects, or events.

Instructional Design Samples