Marketing & SEO

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Humans are narrative creatures: tell a story the right way, and you communicate profound meaning. Strong marketing is based on understanding the big picture and conveying your goals with targeted. I work across the channels of print, interaction, and event to help you tell your story.

If we combine narrative with data, we can modulate your tone and content to continue your progress. Search Engine Optimization is merely a way to find out what people are asking–and what the answers they seek may be.


Case Study: ACF Giving Tuesday

I developed a strategy for Giving Tuesday that involved a simple, straightforward ask. We reinforced the Instagram and Facebook posts with an email push. I modified the organization’s logo (with permission) to call attention to the Giving Tuesday palette. I also added keywords and hashtags to enhance the impact of the social media campaign.

The campaign raised $6,000 for ACF–well beyond the $300 they had raised the year before!

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I develop the story your organization tells to the audiences you seek. I can then train your team how to tell that story faithfully so you are equipped to face challenges with your in-house people.

Search Engine Optimization

I create engagement by interpreting analytic data though the lens of your organizational ethos. We then partner to carve a path towards the traffic and exposure you need.

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